Street Team

Welcome to the official street team page for SOLA13! This conference is all about “turning up the gospel temperature” and we really want that to be our mindset leading up to the conference, at the conference, and as we leave the conference.

Below are some resources for you to share with friends and family members as to why you’re going to SOLA13. If you’re excited about this conference, we’d love for you to help us tell others about the great gospel preaching that we’ll be bringing to Lansing. We all love social media, so get on it and start sharing!





Update your cover photo and profile picture to let others know you’re going to SOLA13.

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Here are some photos for you to share on Instagram. Be sure to use #SOLA13 and tag @SolaLansing

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We’ve gathered some quotes and other comments for you. Tweet these over the next few weeks as SOLA13 gets closer.

We are saved by grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone, for the glory of God alone, standing on the Scriptures alone. #SOLA13

This December 6-7 in Lansing, MI there will be some serious gospel teaching. There are still tickets: @SolaLansing

#SOLA13 I’m going. Check it out at @SolaLansing

“Those passionate about the gospel of God’s free grace should also be passionate about the pursuit of godliness.” @RevKevDeYoung #SOLA13

“Jesus comes & He lives perfectly, He dies tragically, & He rises triumphantly for God’s glory & the good of humanity.” @LeonceCrump #SOLA13

“Freedom is what we get and it is what we become. Free is what we are. Because of Jesus we’re free.” @noeljesse #SOLA13

“We maintain the transcendent holiness of a majestic God but also the imminence and the accessibility of this father.” #StephenUm #SOLA13

“If this is not the word of God, if this is not the inerrant & infallible word of God, then we are talking nonsense.” @albertmohler #SOLA13

“We weren’t meant to be somebody – we were meant to know Somebody” @JohnPiper #SOLA13

“The gospel is not a way to get people to heaven; it is a way to get people to God.” @JohnPiper #SOLA13

“If the gospel is old news to you, it will be dull news to everyone else.” @RevKevDeYoung #SOLA13